Common Questions Answered when Starting a New Project

We get it. Capital projects are intense, cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. When you’re engaging with a new contractor for a project, you want to know exactly what their capabilities are and what you can expect when working together. [Read More]

Benefits of Working with a Single Contractor

When undertaking a complex industrial capital project involving control systems, plant instrumentation/electrical systems and the necessary construction services and field services to install them, the fewer contractors you need to directly deal with, the better. It can already be a challenge integrating your processes with one contractor, let alone a range of organizations who all have different... [Read More]

SYCON International Announces CSIA Certification

Lafayette, LA, February 21st, 2018– SYCON International today announced it has successfully passed the CSIA Certification Audit. Effective immediately, SYCON International is recognized as a certified member of the Control System Integration Association (CSIA). SYCON International earned the certification following a successful audit – administered by an independent consulting firm – that assessed... [Read More]

SYCON International is now a Gold Tier TrakSYS™ Solutions Partner

Lafayette LA, January 31st 2018 – SYCON International announced today their Parsec Gold-Tier Partner status, a tier designed for highly-experienced system integrators in Parsec’s Partnership Program. The Parsec Partner Program ensures industries worldwide have access to experts in the configuration, management, and mentoring of solutions based on TrakSYS™, a unified platform designed for Smart... [Read More]

Put Bifocals on Your Process Control System

If you wear corrective lenses, you probably remember the day when you knew your vision was becoming a problem. Maybe it was while trying to read, work at a computer, or drive. In any case, you knew in your heart that you were going to have to go to the eye doctor. You probably resisted for a while though; most of us do. It’s tough to accept the fact that we’re aging. For the vain among us, putting... [Read More]

This is Not Your Father’s HMI

We’ve been hearing the ominous warnings for years now that the average age of the industrial workforce is creeping ever higher and the knowledge gap between experienced and new workers is growing larger every year. Guess what? It’s true! The good news is that at last check, the sky is not falling. Factory floors and machinery are not empty, void of workers to operate them. However, industry is... [Read More]

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